Great Photos of Apartment Websites

I like to look at the photos on various business websites.  The photo that we are looking at today is from a post called best apartments in cedar park.  There is a cool photo of a water tower with the words Cedar Park posted on it.  I wonder how much water is in that tower.  Why do we need water towers?   What is its purpose?  Is there any water in it?  Is there something secretive in that water tower?

Anyway I get away from my original purpose here.  The photos on these websites are supposed to play into the post or page.  And in this particular situation it does.  They are talking about Cedar Park Apartments and the picture has the words Cedar Park in it, so that is cool.

So I am still wondering about that water tower in that photo.  So i did some research.  Evidently water towers are “pressurize a water supply system for the distribution of drinking water”.  That is so interesting.  I had no idea that they were connected to the system that pumps water into my house.  That actually blows my mind.    I wonder if the people that live by these water towers know this information.  Technology is wonderful.

Let us get back to photos.  All to often I visit sites where the picture is not connected to the article in any way or is barely connected.  For some sites they will have a picture of a person smiling or of people meeting in kind of a fake situation.  It is really kind of lame when you think about it.  A couple of years ago there was a Vince Vaughn movie that create fake pictures like that for promotional value.  They allowed people to use them on their websites, but not for commercial purposes.  That means you could use them to show but not to generate business.

That is all the time I have for now, but I will get back to you with more business  photos.